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Customize quickly Page

Allow you to create a page with five component types: Standard Form, Array Data, Tree Data, Data List and Chart. Page can be accessible via Role.


Five component data types


15+ built-in controls to define data


Use role to grant access

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Standard Form

Quickly convert your data in Database to Form, automatically scan the schema to generate appropriate control

  • Support MongoDB, SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • Detect the result of query to generate control
  • Support Select/Autocomplete with configurable datasource
  • Support synchronous and asynchronous Validation
  • More than 15 built-in controls

Array - manipulate list of objects

Handle a list of objects by generating a dialog, observe CUD behavior to maintain the data

  • Observe CUD in a list
  • Detect dirty object
  • Allow to separate INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE command

Tree data

Easy to manipulate a tree with nested or flat data type

  • Data can be nested or flat
  • Support to convert input and output between nested and flat
  • UI/UX following to Material Design

Dynamic List

Build quickly a gridview to display the data

  • Support MongoDB, SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • Support Advanced Filter with many control types
  • Support to format the data as HTML
  • Export to CSV


Display a report data as chart easily

  • Support vary chart type
  • Support Advanced filter
  • Support real-time data
App Screen

Mobile Ready

All features are user-friendly with mobile via Responsive UI.


Chat & Video call

Allow user to communicate via LET Portal, save file within the system and make a video call with WebRTC.

Chat via SignalR

Support emotion picker and upload file

Video Call

Simple video call via WebRTC

Memorize message

Store the message logs in database

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Any utility? CLI

CLI tool is simple, extenable and lots cool features. It provides an easy way to control the data not only LET Portal but also others.

Move the data across multiple database

Support to upgrade and downgrade LET Portal

Support to upgrade and downgrade external app.

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