• Angular
  • Material
  • .NET Core
  • Nginx
  • Docker

About LET Portal

LET Portal is a web platform, which helps you to build quickly many forms, data list and charts. Our design goal is bringing a simple and elegant platform to reduce working time such as report, user form, etc. We choose Material Design which is standard web design UI/UX, so end-users don't take much time to use LET Portal.

LET Portal isn't only building for end-users but also providing a simple tool for developers. In fact, developer is our audience target because we hope to remove their burden.

core features

Key features of LET Portal

Create quickly Form, Data List and Chart

Allow developer to create a form, data list and chart in a few minutes. No-coding is applicable.

Work on both Desktop and Mobile

Allow end-users to work on this website both Desktop and Mobile without UI/UX problems

Cross-Platform and multiple databases

Can run on Windows and Linux OS. Also, LET Portal has ability to work with many database types such as MongoDB, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and MySQL

Problem and Challenge

"We always look into our internal requirements and imagine they could be adjusted by copying from another screen."

Internal Requirements

IT department always receive a internal request for change in internal system. Although it is minor or big change, we do it as a software development's change.

  • Require copied codes and then editting.
  • Require test and verify, include UI/UX
  • Require impact analyst, documentation
  • Require redeploy whole system, despite minor change

Many sub systems

Imagine you had a lot of departments and each had its system. So the maintenance was complexity

Internal communication channel

Privacy is very important nowaday. Thus company need to have a private communication.

Open-source & Control

Buy a software is always a tradeoff. An open-source software can give you a control


We are creating small platform which can be reduced all problems above.

Single Platform

By creating multiple apps, we don't need to have many sub systems.

Private Communication

With chat and video call, we hope it can help you to keep your company privacy.

Cut down development cost

By creating many forms, data list, charts, the cost can be cut down.

Embrace modern technologies and open-source

Keep providing modern technologies and everything is free

The roadmap to success

What are our major goals?

Our goal is providing some useful features that match with Back Office's requirement.
View our roadmap to see which features are upcoming

March 2020 Publish project

We publish LET Portal for anyone can download and use it. However, this build isn't ready to be Production

Q2 2020 Release 1.0.0
  • Complete all main features
  • Chat, Video call
  • Installation package for Windows
  • More useful CLI for Linux