• Angular
  • Material
  • .NET Core
  • Nginx
  • Docker

About LET Portal

Help you to build quickly many pages which include complicated form, data list and chart. Material Design is a simple and elegant UI/UX so end-users don't take much time to use.

Not only building for end-user but also providing a simple tool for developers. Remove developer's burden is our goal.

core features


Create quickly Page

Allow developer to create a form, data list and chart in a few minutes. No-coding is applicable.

Work on both Desktop and Mobile

Allow end-users to work on this website both Desktop and Mobile without UI/UX problems

Cross-Platform and multiple databases

Run on Windows and Linux OS. Also, LET Portal has ability to work with many database types such as MongoDB, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and MySQL

Problem and Challenge

"We always look into our internal requirements and suppose they could be adjusted by copying from another screen."


Request for a change in system, although it is small or big, we perform one SDL (Software Development Lifecyle).

  • Require copied codes and then editting.
  • Require test and verify, include UI/UX
  • Require impact analyst, documentation
  • Require redeploy whole system, despite minor change

Integration systems

The more systems we have, the more complexity is

Internal Communication

Privacy is very important nowaday. Thus company need to have a private communication.

Open-source & Control

Buy a software is always a tradeoff. An open-source software can give you controllability


"Stop spending your time to copy and paste code, focus on the change"

Single Platform

Grouping pages into one app, we decrease number of systems.

Private Communication

With chat and video call, we keep your company's privacy.

Cut down development's cost

Require small team to handle one application, the cost can be cut down.

Embrace modern technologies and open-source

Keep providing modern technologies and everything is free

Our Solutions

Beside LET Portal as Saturn, we are providing small applications as satellites

Our progress

Understand our effort to evaluate the contribution

Source code

Duration 15 Months
Contributor 1
Code Healthy 6.82/10
Nuget 3 Libraries
Version 0.9.0-rc0

Programing Languages

Line of codes: 136,532
C# 60,461
Typescript 35,246
Others 40,825
Code Analyze Last update: 06-12-2020
The roadmap to success

What are our major goals?

Our goal has only one, this is providing the agility.
View our roadmap to see which features are upcoming

March 2020 Publish project

We publish LET Portal for anyone can download and use it. However, this build isn't ready to be Production

Q4 2020 Release 0.9.0
  • Complete all main features
  • Chat, Video call
  • More useful CLI
  • Tree, Array, Composite Controls